Hotel Wingport Nagasaki

Reservation Center


Morning Energy


レストラン カルド

Power up your morning with a daily rotational asian styled dish, served with salad, fruits and drinks to be enjoyed in guest rooms.
Guests may pick between rice or fresh bread rolls, as well as warm miso or corn soup.

Hours of Operation 6:30~9:30
Price 700yen (350yen for child)

※Children under 13yrs pay price stated in brackets
※Children under 6yrs eat for free
※All prices are tax included.


Rotational Menu

Chef`s choice of meat, poultry or fish of the day.

Side Menu

Egg item with fresh Salad and fruits.

Selection Menu

Steamed rice with miso Soup or Fresh Bread with corn soup

Drink Menu

Japanese Green Tea/Dripped Coffee/Orange Juice


Caution to guests with food allergies

Food items prepared in the restaurants and kitchens of this hotel may include (or indirectly be in contact with, but not limited to) the ingredients listed below that could cause allergic reactions.

Allergy specific ingredients:
[Egg] [Wheat] [Shrimp] [Milk] [Shellfish] [Buckwheat] [Peanuts]