Hotel Wingport Nagasaki

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Weddings and Events


Finding a local place to accommodate all the family and friends for a wedding ceremony is always a hassle. Luckily our hotel is located close to all major wedding halls and facilities. Guests are able to easily access wedding places around Nagasaki from our Hotel.
Venue ease of access
  • Hotel New Nagasaki / 3min walk
  • St. Priere Nagasaki/ 5min walk
  • Hotel Sainthill Nagasaki / 4min walk
  • Best Western Nagasaki / 10min walk
  • Luke Plaza Nagasaki / 8min by car
  • Bayside Geihinkan / 8min by car
  • Garden Terrace Nagasaki / 11min by car
  • Royal Chester Nagasaki / 20min by car
  • The villas / 20min by car
Special extensions
Don't be bothered by the urgency of time. We will extend our check in and check out hours so that you may have sufficient time to change and get ready for the ceremony.
①Check in - 12:00 noon (normally at 15:00)
②Check out - 11:00 (normally at 10:00)

※During reservation, please inform us that its for a Bridal plan stay.